Today Moline Township launched a brand new website for the first time in almost 20 years.  The new site is geared towards a more user-friendly experience and giving its residents more information than it has in the past.  Not only did we give it a new modern look, but we also made sure that it was mobile-friendly for this day and age where more and more people use their phones over a computer.

We’ve added sections to the site for the General Assistance’s office, Assessor’s Office, and the Activity Center.  Each page is now loaded with more information that was not previously available on our old site to help our residents find the information that they’re looking for when it comes to Moline Township.

On the Assistance page, you can now find all of the different Programs & Services that they offer along with contact information and some helpful links.

The Assessor’s Office page features links to our all-new Property Search (that also gives more information than it previously did), Plat Maps, and a new GIS Map of Moline Township.  We’ve also added a new Frequently Asked Questions section to help property owners understand more of what the Assessor does, how properties are valued, and what the three main property exemptions are that property owners may qualify for.

We now also have a brand new page for the Moline Township Activity Center (Senior Center) that shows how much it costs to join the M.A.C. and what some of the daily programs are that they offer along with what amenities you can find in the center.  You can also find the M.A.C.’s monthly Calendar and Messenger Newsletter in PDF format to download/view.  There is also a new page for the very popular Summer Concerts in the Park where you can find out which of your favorite bands are playing on Monday nights during the summer along with links to the Sponsors that help make these concerts happen.

The new site also has several other pages that include our Agenda & Minutes for each of the monthly board meetings, who all of the Moline Township Elected Officials are, any Upcoming Events that are taking place at the Township or M.A.C.

We hope that all of you enjoy our new website as much as we do!

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