Programs and Services

General & Emergency Assistance: One of the most important functions of township government is to provide General & Emergency Assistance for town residents who are going through a difficult time in their lives.  It is not a permanent form of income, but it will help town residents who are not eligible for other forms of government assistance.  A typical client must meet the following criteria:

  • Live in the Township
  • Be in the process of applying for social security, or
  • Lost a job and searching for employment

The township offers help in filling out social security forms and offers bus tickets for job searches for those who are able to work.

Emergency Assistance is offered to residents who are awaiting other forms of assistance and are faced with a life-threatening situation.

Student Bus Ticket Program: Provides bus tickets for children of Moline Township residents who are in financial need of transportation to and from school.  Click here for details and Application. Contact the Township Office for the Spanish version of the application.

Temporary Handicap Placard Program: Persons in need of a temporary handicap placard can get them here.  Just pick up an application and have it signed by a doctor and return it to us.

Free Notary Service: Need to have a form notarized?  Are you a resident of Moline Township?  Get it done here free!

Register to Vote: If you’re new to the community or would like to exercise your right to participate in the election process the township staff is available to register you to vote.  Absentee Ballot Applications are also available at our office.

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