Township government is the oldest form of government in the United States, dating back over 350 years to 1636.  As the country developed, cities and towns have assumed many functions; however, townships maintain responsibility for the provision of General Assistance and the Assessment of Property within the township boundaries.

Moline Township Town Board

First Row (left to right): Theresa Oak (Town Clerk), Bonnie Johnson (Supervisor), Derek Devers (Assessor) Second Row (left to right): Hayleigh Covella (Trustee), Staci Early (Trustee), Mary Beth Loos (Trustee), Rand Wilson (Trustee)

Township Programs
General Assistance
The township provision of General Assistance is generally available for residents who are not eligible for other forms of assistance.  Our clients are normally single, unemployed or applying for Social Security disability and have no other financial means to support themselves.

The application process can take up to 30 days.  If approved, clients are required to participate in the township Community Work Program.  Currently, a client receives a maximum of $320.00 per month which covers rent, utilities, personal needs, and food.  All bills are paid by voucher.  Eligible clients are also offered a basic medical program that works in co-operation with Community Health Care.

The ultimate purpose of General Assistance is to assist the client in becoming self-sufficient.  This is accomplished by finding employment or by working with the client in getting the Social Security Benefits.

Student Bus Tickets
Bus tickets are available for grade school, middle school, and high school township students.  Call the township for more information.
Free Blanket Giveaway
The Department of Defense provides hundreds of blankets that are distributed at varying locations.  Moline Township is a major distribution location.  The blankets are generally available through the winter months.
Emergency Food & Shelter Funding
In February or March the township receives a federal grant that allows us to help families pay one month’s rent.  The purpose of the funding is to prevent homelessness.  Applicants who are ineligible for other forms of assistance can often qualify for this help.
Work Readiness
This unique program allows township residents, who are looking for work, to get free bus tickets to find employment.  The program also provides enough bus tickets to get to and from work until the client receives his/her first check.  The program will also help in getting clothing or tools required to accept a new job.
Giving Center
The Giving Center accepts adult, gently used clothing and shoes to be given to people who are seeking employment or are in an emergency situation.  There is no charge for the clothing.  Winter clothing and personal needs (shampoo, deodorant, etc) are always in demand.
Just for Seniors
The King Foods Program provides a monthly basket of food for income-eligible seniors (age 65 or older).

In 2010 Moline Township took over the ownership of the Moline Activity Center for seniors over the age of 55.  For more information about the center, call the office at (309)764-3558.

Assessment Office
Property Assessments
The Assessor is an elected government official who determines value on all real property within the township. That value is then converted into an assessment which is then used by the county as just one of the many pieces used in the figuring of each person’s tax bill.
Property Search
Search for properties within Moline Township and get property record card information.
Plat Maps
View Plat Maps for the entire township.
Property Exemptions
If you own and occupy your home you will qualify for the Owner Occupied Expemption.  All seniors that occupy their home and are 65 years and older are eligible for the Senior Homestead Exemption.  They may also be eligible for the Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Homestead as well if their total household income is below $65,000.00.
M.A.C. Programs
Join in on the exercise classes three days week.  Line Dancing classes are also available.
Summer Concerts
Summer Concerts take place every Monday night in June and July and are free to the public.
Home Cooked Meals
Home Cooked meals are available most Wednesdays.  Something different is made every week.
Card Games
Join in on Pinochle, Bridge, 500, Euchre & Cribbage every week.
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