100 Year Club

M.A.C. members that turn 100 years young automatically join our 100 Year Club and get their M.A.C. Membership dues refunded to them for that year and then receive a Lifetime Membership to the M.A.C.

Ben C.

Ben turned 100 in July of 2013. He passed away in January of 2014.

Alice C. 100 Club

Alice C.

Alice turned 100 in February of 2017. She passed away shortly after.

Stella A. 100 Club

Stella A.

Stella turned 100 in February of 2017.

Marion K. 100 Club

Marion K.

Marion turned 100 in March of 2020.

Dorthy V.

Dorthy turned 100 in April of 2020 and passed away in July of 2024.

Bob S. 100 Club

Bob S.

Bob turned 100 in January of 2020. He passed away in September of 2020.

Mary K. 100 Club

Mary K.

Mary turned 100 in December of 2020. She passed away in 2023.

Lorena R. 100 Club

Lorena R.

Lorena turned 100 in May of 2022. Lorena has since passed away

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