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Moline Township was recently awarded $45,370.00 in Emergency Food & Shelter and CARES Funding.  The funding will be distributed throughout Rock Island County’s 18 township offices.  A press conference announcing the grant will be held at Moline Township on Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 at 10 am.

Moline Township Supervisor, Don Johnston will give a brief overview of the application process.  Other county and township officials will be available to talk about how the grant will help people who live in their areas. The funding is restricted to rent/mortgage assistance only.

Moline Township is a Local Recipient Organization (LRO) authorized to distribute the emergency rent/mortgage assistance funding. The amount granted for distribution is determined by the unemployment rate in the County.

Rock Island County Townships have helped hundreds of families with their rent or mortgages over the past 26 years with this funding.  The township’s involvement in the distribution of the funds helps those in need access the funding right in their own community.

For more information please call Moline Township at (309) 764-3558.

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